Crossing For Cancer

On Your Marks…

Posted by crossingforcancer on August 12, 2008

This is the website for Scott Glazier and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Crossing for Cancer! Please stay tuned for more information!


11 Responses to “On Your Marks…”

  1. Ed Waters said

    Just wanted to let you know that we are with you all the way.
    Mom will help just ask her .

    Uncle Ed

  2. Lee said

    Keep your chin up and yor peddles moving. I am looking forward to riding with you.Stay strong we are all behind you. Your big brother.

  3. mscriven said

    I am Carrie”s client Mary Beth.I met you and talked about your mom and this incredible undertaking for this worthy cause.It is inspirational to read and see the pictures and your observations.Your heart is so in it your Mom is on that bike pushing you along.
    Keep on keeping on-will keep checking on you.
    Mary Beth

  4. Abigail said

    hey captain..

    how to express..
    SO proud, so blown-away by your life-force,determination.. power.
    so glad you’re making a point of sharing in this blog as you go.
    never doubted for a second, (well, worried.. for sure. for a second or two.. but never doubted) that you’d make this trip a total success, discovering layers and layers of truth and beauty along the way. from yourself, the landscape, the characters you meet.

    thinking of you often back here in silly LA.
    which must seem like a strange dream to you about now.

    wishing you tons of love, fair winds, and strong rims, for the rest of the ride..
    big hug, abigail~

  5. Don Mitchell said

    I feel a great since of envy. The adventure, the connection with nature and all its beauty, the majesty of the world around you have something few people will every experience. The other feeling i know you must be getting from the spirit of your Mom and the energy she gives you that drives you on must be awesome.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your sister talks about it constantly as well as your Dad. They are both so proud of your inspiration and dedicstion to this journey.
    May God Bless and Keep you on your journey.

    Don Mitchell, Your future Brother-in-Law

  6. Becky said

    Hey Uncle Scott, you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I feel so blessed to be able to call you my Uncle, and I am happy that you have this time with your thoughts. I miss you very much and love you even more. I will write again soon.

  7. Becky said

    Uncle Scott, I am so happy to read that your trip is going well. The portraits that you have posted have been magnificant. Its so nice of them to take their time with you. Still thinking about you every day even more so with the nice weather out here, lots of bikes. Keep your spirits up, and I will hope for less wind. Love you and be safe.

  8. Brenda said

    Hey there uncle Scott it was wonderful to read all about this amazing adventure that you are on!!! The pictures are absolutly breathtaking!! I miss you very much and i am blessed to have such a wonderful man as my uncle! Watch out for those ants tho! I love you!!!!

  9. Brenda said

    I already left you one today but was just thinking about you agian…… I LOVE YOU!!!!

  10. Becky said

    Hey Uncle Scott, from ants to grasshoppers everyone wants a piece of this adventure:). I am happy to read you are doing so well, even with the wind now. I can’t wait to see where else you go and who else might cross your path. I miss you very much and love you even more. Be safe.

  11. Becky said

    Hey Uncle Scott, Stockton, wow its been so long I hope you had a wonderful trip down memory lane. I’m glad to read that the wind has let up, it’s a blessing that you have met so many people that have helped you through this journey. I can’t wait to see more portraits and read more about where you have been. Be safe.

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