Crossing For Cancer

We’re Almost on Our Way!

Posted by crossingforcancer on August 14, 2008

As of Friday, August 15th, Scott Glazier’s Crossing for Cancer ride will finally begin in earnest! Scott sketches the first portrait for the trip today, and then he will set out for Barstow tomorrow morning, after the official launch party at Blick Art Materials in Pasadena, CA.

However, before he embarks on his journey, he would like to make sure that everyone knows about a way to easily help the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network raise money and take care of regular grocery shopping simultaneously. Simply upgrade your Ralphs Club Card or register as a New Ralphs Rewards Program Participant to benefit the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network!

Every time you shop at Ralphs and use your Club Card, we receive a donation. Recently, Ralphs launched a new program called, “Ralphs rewards.” This is an upgrade to your current Club Card. In order for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to continue to receive donations, you will need to complete a new application and get a new card. If you don’t currently have a Ralph’s Club Card and want to participate in the program, just follow the steps below to register. Thank you for participating!

1. Apply for the new Ralphs Rewards card next time you shop at Ralphs or go online at and click Rewards Card to apply.
2. After you complete the Ralphs Rewards card application, you will need to register for the Community Contribution program at by clicking on Community Contribution. YOU MUST ENTER OUR NPO #82509 AT THE TOP OF THIS REGISTRATION PAGE TO HAVE FUNDS DONATED TO THE PANCREATIC CANCER ACTION NETWORK. The Ralphs Community Contribution Program was designed to make fundraising really easy by simply using your Ralphs rewards Card.
3. You are required to register at to activate your card and be re-enrolled in the program by August 31, 2008 for the term of the program. Your Rewards Card and Community Contribution participation is effective September 1, 2008 once you’ve registered.
4. Your current Ralphs Club Card will expire September 1, 2008.
5. Call Ralphs Community Program hotline at 1-800-443-4438 if you have any questions re this program or the application process.

Thank you again. We appreciate your support.

– Crossing for Cancer and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


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