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Family Support…

Posted by crossingforcancer on October 24, 2008

Hi everyone,

To begin, I want to say a huge thank you to Gerri and her mother.

The entire family was incredible (even you Josh). I had the most amazing time; Gerri, your strength is indestructible.  Every moment I spent with the family was like Christmas.

Day. I was struck by the hospitality and kindness of these people.   It became very difficult to maintain my composure while I sketched because I felt like I connected with this family on such a spiritual level.  It was truly incredible.

I’m now off to St. Louis University High School to sketch Mark Tychonievich, who is not only a teacher at SLU High, but also one of the football team’s coaches.  I believe a defensive coordinator.  I was given the honor to draw Mark and I wanted to thank him and his family for their generosity.

One of SLU High’s students actually interviewed me for a feature in the school paper, which is great.  I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Another individual I met in St. Louis whose generosity was so overwhelming was Jeff, who helped me out over at the Blick Store and printed out an entire bike route for my brother and I to follow into Chicago.  I’m really looking forward to finishing this leg of the ride with my brother, Lee.  After over 2,000 miles of cycling alone, it will be nice to talk to someone other than my bike.

If anyone is ever visiting St. Louis, definitely check out Forest Park- that place was incredible. I rode through North East St. Louis – a really interesting area. Anyway that’s where I snapped a photo of the dangling shoes.

October 18

I finally met up with my brother at the Alton Tallest Man structure. It was like a dream seeing Lee pull up with his wife and my dad. Lee is a triathlon athlete, with the craziest spaceship looking bike. I am feeling really good as we begin our ride toward Bluffs.  Everything is coming together and every time I ride I feel like I have hundreds of people riding behind me or with me. Everyone that I have encountered thus far are all things that are good about this world.

The color tour was going on (the changing of the leaves. When we reached Bluffs Lee was exhausted and sore. We looked around somewhat lost until a local approached us. Sat read our minds and told us about an area we could set up camp. A little while later another local approached us, he mentioned a local bar called Sleepy’s. The staff was incredible and brought out extra catfish and shrimp – the hospitality has been amazing in all of the towns that I have ridden through. I wanted to say thank you to Sue and Jenny for the excellent homemade jam. I also picked up a coyote tail to ad to my bike for decoration.

After setting up camp we started a fire. A local called it in and a truck pulled up. I asked the man if he was the local cop “Kevin.” He replied, “No I am the mayor.” I felt awful.  I really wanted to make him some food but it was really late. “Just wanted to make sure nothing was burning down.” He drove off. It’s been getting freezing cold at night now, which has been really unpleasant. We woke up Sunday and everything in the town was completely closed except for the local ice cream shop “Plakies.” We entered and the town had prepared a huge breakfast for us, it was amazing – a slew of towns people just came to talk to us and ask about my journey.

Well time to continue onward. We were doing about 70 miles for a bit with a great tail wind, we were averaging about 20mph. So we are about 30 miles from Galesburg and I’ve almost broken 2,500 miles on bike. About 140 more miles to the finish line. I wanted to thank Pan Can for everything they have done and give a special thank you to Natalie.

Hope to see you all in Chicago,



3 Responses to “Family Support…”

  1. Nicole said

    Hey! I’ve been reading all along your trip…I can’t believe you’re almost in Chicago. I’ll come by Rob’s as soon as you’re in. I can’t wait to hear the stories. Hope to see you this weekend!!

  2. V. said

    Your hair must be really long now, and your chicken legs must be tree trunks. Snort. Snort. I’m proud of you.

  3. Brenda said

    I LOVE THE PICTURE of yall boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to see all of you!!! Your spectacular Uncle Scott the art is fabulous! I love you

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