Crossing For Cancer

Meet Scott Glazier

“Art is an electricity that passes through the eye, into the heart and out of the hand. I will be on the quest for this eye-heart-hand reflex for the rest of my life.”
– Scott Glazier

Scott Glazier is a firm believer in learning through experience, which is evident in his artistic endeavors thus far. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Glazier’s roots are in the city’s thriving cultural scene, calling it home throughout his creative journey.

Thanks to this ethic, Scott Glazier pursued a unique form of art education, on the other side of the canvas as an art model. Through his modeling, Glazier was able to immerse himself in the coursework of some of the most renowned art institutes in the Nation, including the Art Center College of Design, Otis School of Design, the Art Institute of Chicago and Art Students League of New York, to name a few.

His work as a figure model led to over ten years of education during which Scott would sit for a class, ask questions alongside students and complete each assignment, never actually able to turn the work in. This process helped Scott develop a new level of self-discovery and discipline, truly cementing his desire to learn through action, not the monotony of academia.

Active within the non-profit arts community, Scott Glazier is the founder of “The Crossing for Cancer,” a seminal cross-country cycling journey, in conjunction with the PanCAN organization. During this year’s inaugural event, Glazier will sketch individuals battling Pancreatic Cancer in various cities throughout the Western United States en route, culminating in a Chicago exhibition of the portraits this fall. Additionally, he is a speaker and art instructor at 2nd Street Elementary (Los Angeles), and has worked with organizations such as The Hollenbeck Youth Center, Toys for Tots and the ALS Association.

Scott Glazier has studio space In Los Angeles, CA, but never stays in one place for long. His work has been shown at galleries such as AndLab Gallery (Los Angeles), The Standard Hotel (Los Angeles), Anna’s Gallery (British West Indies) and the Oriental Theater (Denver).

His commissioned work hangs in the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino (Las Vegas), the offices of New Regency Films (Los Angeles) and the chambers of Illinois State Senator AJ Wilhemi.

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